World #1 problems

I love writing. Writing is my passion. I have so many things to write about. But if I only write, I can't live my life. How can I live a harmonized IRL and online life?

I love listening to music. Music is my passion. I have so many songs to listen to. I love listening to podcasts. There are so many podcasts, which I like to listen to. And there are so many things to watch? How can listen and watch everything and to live a harmonized IRL and online life?

Don't you believe these are real struggles? This is the disadvantage of I like to do so many things and I want in my life. I want an eventful life, until the dying day.


A meaningful day

What makes my day meaningful? Basically, I don’t like to deal with one thing too much because I’m overwhelmed by it, and even when I’m done with it, I can’t get rid of it in my mind, which I find definitely unpleasant. That’s why I like to deal with more things, but spend less time with them. Not only does this have the advantage of not being overwhelming, but I’ll be waiting to do them the next day as well. And I feel good when I do as many of them as possible in one day. What are these?


Especially a book. But I can't read much: on average, I can read 20-30 pages a day to stay the read pages meaningful. It’s rare when I enjoy reading more than that. Most of the time I get oversaturated and understand less and less of what I read. But some reading is definitely useful, as on the one hand it expands the vocabulary and the way of expression, and on the other hand with a good story, if the imagination flies free, it makes reading an even greater experience. Regardless of whether there is a live action adaptation or not, it is worth reading and to imagine what we are reading and not a particular scene in the film (i.e., a “directed imagination”) comes to mind.


Read news from an independent news source and read websites where you can read real content. For example is the website of the Conscious Consumers Association. They inform the widest possible information about the happenings and developments of the world without emotional impact (ie objectively). This will make us more confident in the world, making it easier to decide if it’s worth living.


Mere entertainment, who denies the need for this, denies himself an important slice of his life. Gaming is very important to let go of the daily difficulties for a while and be a little more relaxed in the world, plus we develop our skills through the games.


You can't learn enough in life. Acquiring new knowledge and skills, in which we find ourselves, also seriously develops our self-confidence.


Here I don't necessarily mean meditation in the classical sense, but it is worth doing some passive activity by which we can immerse ourselves. In passivity, we can hear our inner voice the most, what we really need, what we really want. Or we can get answers to some uncomfortable questions because we can bring out the root of the problem from our subconscious. But it takes some courage to do so, because in the deep, great pain can break out. But if we’re ready to face them, and not fake them, we can give ourselves a chance to see the root of our problem, get closer to the solution, and live a little easier.

Let's go outside!

It is also good to walk in the city, but in nature it is real. By consciously walking outside, we can expand our vision, perceive more of the environment around us, and possibly feel better about ourselves, making us feel more worth taking care of. It also gives you a sense of freedom to walk a little outdoors.


For me, writing is an important way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I can also use the expressions I have learned during reading, I can learn to use them in the right context.


Movie, music, series that just goes well. Choose what appeals to us the most and feel that we are more through it. It is not absolutely necessary to always look for catharsis in the manner of a snob, it is enough to have fun with it and help to relax it a bit. Of course, the real thing is if we can learn something from it.

Fostering human relationships

There is a serious truth in the thesis that the quality of our lives depends heavily on the quality of our human relationships. Let’s appreciate the people by whom we feel like we are more because there aren’t many and we are making each other’s lives longer.


Sport, the maintenance of our physical strength is very important to live as full as possible. I feel better if I feel that I can do as much as I can for myself, and it is also a good feeling that after a certain age they won't think of me that I am an old man, but how fit I am, it's fun to be with me. Like it or not, it also contributes to the fact that we care about our appearance to a healthy extent, because in this we also send ourselves the message that we think of ourselves so much that we care about ourselves to live our full lives for as long as possible.


From these activities I feel most that I have my life in my hands. If nothing else, I have at least the illusion. That is more than anything. Naturally it's not an expectation to do everything in every single day, because it would also be a pressure, but if I do the most of them in one day, it gives me that feeling that it was worth to get up in the morning.


Videos in better quality

Since the 30 fps videos didn't look very good, I decided to try recording at 60 fps. I'm glad to state that it was successful! It's much better, and now you can see that the video is continuous, there are none of those tiny artifacts. It seems this recorder does worth if I can make good quality recordings from my gaming stuffs.

I'm recording Wii U games now. To test everything out, I made four videos.

First of all, I've tested how to record Wii U games, I played a game of Wii Sports Club.

Then I had a look at how the Wii U Virtual Console looks like, I made a recording of one of the Super Nintendo games, namely my absolutely favourite fighting game, Street Fighter II.

And then I looked at how do the Wii games work on Wii U. Which was also important because all the games and saves from my original Wii had been transferred over my Wii U console, so now I can record these games as well. Some games are just here. Like the ExciteBike World Challenge, which I really loved back in the day. So let's show the world what's good in it.

And finally, to try out the Wii Virtual Console, I played a quick game in F-Zero.

When I make a video, this is how my setup looks like.

Because the wires aren't so long, the laptop can't stay on the table. In other words, only one or two programs are running, so that the laptop is not overloaded with anything other than OBS Studio.There's a board so the laptop doesn't have to be on the carpet. This way, I hope to protect the laptop enough so that the bottom can always ventilate. I do it this way and I'm happy to be able to record at 60 fps. The videos are significantly better already. Now I just need to improve the sharpness and I'll be completely satisfied.